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True Alignment and Harmony of Body, Mind and Spirit with Silver and Aromatherapy

Pure sliver, hand made Aromapendants came into being through my desire as an aromatherapist, to find a way to combine essential oils and functional jewellery. When I discovered Precious Metal Clay, it was the perfect solution.

I designed a pendant with a small pouch on the reverse side of it. In this was placed a tiny piece of wool felt. With essential oil then dropped onto the felt it becomes a wearable aromatherapy diffuser, an Aromapendant. Essential oils may be used in the Aromapendant for an aroma that you desire to wear as perfume; alternatively it may be for any of their many therapeutic effects on the body or to enhance mind, mood and emotion.

Aroma Pendants

The pendant sits against your body and warms slightly, and with that warming effect the essential oil gently diffuses.

You then have a personal, wearable aromatherapy diffuser in which you can use essential oils for medicinal purposes or just as a perfume. You can then take your aromatherapy with you wherever you go.

Instead of using oils directly on your body or as a massage blend, you can now wear them close to, but not on your skin.

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Wherever you go, take your aromatherapy with you