Aromatherapy & Silver

True Alignment and Harmony of Body, Mind and Spirit with Silver and Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy and Silver: People love wearing silver jewellery.


From rap dancers to rock stars, wicans, surfers and everyone in between: men and women from all spectrums of life. It has been used in coins, jewellery, tableware and religious objects for many, many years. Silver also has a long association with the moon and mystical traditions. As the moon reflects the sun’s rays away, so silver reflects away negative energy. It is considered a mirror to the soul, to enhance intuitive and psychic energies and bring advantage, calm and protection to its wearer throughout their life. A beautiful item of wearable art can enhance any outfit and bring admiration to the wearer. Silver glows with what seems an other-worldly shimmer, it is like wearing a slice of captured moonlight.

AromaPendants Silver Ingots

This precious metal is harder than gold, has the whitest colour and can be shined to the highest sheen of any metal. Finding a piece that feels just right for you can be such a joyous occasion. Silver and aromatherapy are beautiful mediums to assist the body chakras open, balance and harmonise as well as boost your energy field.

Silver is particularly linked to the sixth chakra or "third eye", associated with self awareness, insight, truth and wisdom. Aromatherapy is a wonderful and beneficial natural substance to use for your personal growth. It quickens the process of growth, eases the pain of growing and breaking patterns, deepens insight (allowing the individual to go to the core of the issue), and supports morally the person willing to take the steps toward a new and positive life.

Aromatherapy is the most versatile, powerful and affordable natural tool for use at home or professionally. Combined with silver you will be unstoppable.

Wherever you go, take your aromatherapy with you